Surveillance Solutions

A large proportion of a physical security solution continues to be the surveillance solution. The edge devices in the form of Analogue or IP CTV cameras are image capturing devices that form the back-bone of surveillance systems.


MATRIX Security offers a widest range of analog CCTVs, IP CCTV, NVR, DVR, and other products to suit your requirement. Once the system is in place the stream of signal produced by cameras is processed using Video Analytics software that runs on high performance servers located at the Central Command & Control Center. This facilitates automatic real-time detection of threats, raising alarms and activating designated response mechanisms to neutralize threats.

Salient Features

  • Can capture images in daylight and pitch dark conditions.
  • Can be controlled to monitor any designated location.
  • Can be integrated with Video Analytics module featuring heuristic intelligence.
  • capabilities to track and detect various threats.

MATRIX Security provides the following essential components of the Video Surveillance system.


CCTV Cameras

These camera systems are either analog, IP based or hybrid. They are available in different mechanical mounting configurations like Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), Fixed or Dome mounted. They are further graded by their spectral responses to cover visible spectrum and also Infra-red spectrum for night vision thermal imagery..


DVR (Analog) / NVR ( IP)

These devices are used to record the continuous data stream from CCTV cameras. While the DVR used to record from analog sources needs to be connected to each camera output, the NVR used for recording from IP sources can be directly plugged into the network and assigned an IP address.


Intelligent Video Analytics This is a highly specialized software component that forms the heart of a modern video surveillance network. The incoming video data from cameras are processed in real time to detect any unusual objects, unusual movements or anomalies in camera images. This software is also capable of matching objects detected on camera with records in suspicious object database to identify weapons etc.


Monitoring & Command Station

This forms an effective human interface to a predominantly automated video surveillance environment. Within this category, we provide:

  • Monitors – Video Walls, Large Screen Displays
  • IT Components – Servers, Storage Devices, Switches
  • Communication – Wireless, Copper Cable, Optical Fiber


Aerial Surveillance

Surveillance done with a bird's eye view is the most effective form since it offers a complete picture of the activity area & its surroundings. Aerial Surveillance is such a solution that will offer a complete view of the designated location precisely thereby helping the authorities to take decisions that are more effective & informed.


Our offering includes a wide variety of aerial surveillance solutions that can add value to security & surveillance measures


Typical deployments of Aerial Surveillance include:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Camera mounted Balloons

Perimeter Intruder Detection & Protection Systems

These are expert solutions that are designed to detect intrusions at boundaries and perimeters of installations that need to be secured.


This solution utilizes a specialized array of active or passive (PIR) infrared sensors & motion sensors to detect intrusion accurately. The electrical fencing systems can be clubbed with this to offer higher level of security by making it more difficult for the intruder from entering the premises. Installation of day-night cameras along the perimeter can add further value by enabling visual monitoring of activities around the perimeter.


Perimeter protection systems essentially are outdoor deployments. Hence they are subject to vagaries of weather. They need to be robust in construction and must be designed to avoid false and nuisance alarms on account of extraneous factors not related to actual threats. Several types of sensors are employed which can either be visible or lend itself to covert installations. The vulnerability of these sensors to damage due to manhandling or vandalism also need to be taken into account.


Perimeter security sensors are available with two distinctive operational attributes, Line-of-sight (LOS) or Volumetric. Volumetric sensors are usually terrain following in nature and are extremely difficult to defeat. Some typical examples are Megnetometric, Ported Cable and Bistatic Microwave sensors.


Perimeter surveillance technologies normally use:

  • Buried Cables
  • Seismic Transducers
  • Active or Passive Infra-red
  • Taut Wire
  • Electric Fencing
  • Bistatic Microwave
  • Ported Coaxial Cable or Fiber Optic Cable
  • Video Motion Detectors

Intrusion Alarm System

This is a specialized solution that can be brought into play where a certain area or an object is critical. Whenever someone tries to force his/her way to reach it, an alarm goes off, thereby indicating the detection of intrusion. Alarms can be in form of sound/sms/email etc., thereby inciting the response system if it is integrated to a state- of-the-art command & control center like HORIZON.


Under Vehicle Surveillance Solution (UVSS)

These are advanced solutions that scan vehicle's bottom chassis for hidden explosives & modifications. They utilize superior imaging & processing algorithms that will help in detecting modified components in the bottom chassis of the car. It lso incorporates an x-ray system that can scan the boot space of the vehicle for hidden weapons, explosives or narcotics. The solution can take tonsof weight and are designed to withstand harsh environments, rugged terrain, and extreme temperatures. Likewise, cameras and lighting are encased in sturdy, weatherproof housings..


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems as it is often called is a surveillance solution that uses optical character recognition on images to read the license plateson vehicles. This is mostly used at borders to identify vehicles, and check it with the list of vehicles database to provide actionable intelligence in case of vehicle theft etc., if it's integrated with appropriate databases.


Electronic Article Surveillance

This is a technological method for preventing theft of objects like laptops, PDAs and other valuable assets. Special tags are fixed to such articles and these tags are removed or deactivated while taking them out of premises once the item is authorized. Or else, at the exits, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses active tags.

Public Address System

Public Address (PA) Systems play a vital role in crisis management and co-coordinating response actions during an emergency situation. This is more so if the crisis occurs in a public place, crowded areas, markets, railway stations, offices, hotels, etc. The central control room staff can use PA systems effectively for conveying instructions on emergency and evacuation procedures that need to be followed. They are important for crowd management and aid in directing people to safety.


PA systems can also be used for addressing entire workforce/visitors simultaneously or, for delivering centralized piped background music or for any other purpose.


Components of a typical PA syatem are:

  • Microphone with zone selector
  • Amplifiers, Routers, Controllers
  • Background Music System (BGM)
  • Loudspeakers – Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Ho
  • Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Hazards

Fire is a major cause for destruction of property and life and affects all sectors of our modern economy and society. Fire can be caused due to either human negligence or deliberate sabotage. Fire hazards need to be contained, detected and controlled to safeguard our infrastructure, economy, businesses and enterprises. Rapid response is necessary to prevent a minor fire from turning into a major catastrophe.


Detection and Control

  • A range of cross corroborative sensor network is required to detect occurrences of fire with sufficient certainty. MATRIX Security provides a range of these devices including:
  • Fire can be detected by these special sensors well before it can spread beyond control. Once detected, suppression solutions need to be activated which could be hydrant based, dry suppressant based, etc. High end sprinklers can ensure that the fire is under control & extinguished before it could cause extensive damage.

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Access Control Systems


Visitor Management System (VMS)

Visitor Management System & Attendance Management – VMS is used to track the entry, exit and movement of visitors within an organization's premises. By collecting all relevant data information, a visitor management system (VMS) can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide time
stamped reporting and documentation of visitor's whereabouts. In sensitive security deployments the system can be used to raise alarms for further action.


These systems can go hand-in-hand with access control and video surveillance systems to provide effective security architecture for the area.


Attendance Management System can be used for an efficient management of employees' attendance and the data can be used as input for various other software like payroll processing, etc.


Biometric Access Control System

MATRIX Security provides the best in class range of screening solutions in India and abroad. We partner with leading screening product companies worldwide to bring the most advanced range of screening solutions. Our range of Screening products include but is not limited to providing Baggage Scanners, Cargo scanners, Radiation monitors, Body Scanners, mobile trace detectors, etc to name a few.

Explosive Trace Detectors

Explosive trace detectors allow the user to simultaneously test for a wide range of explosives and narcotics in seconds. While most explosives have negative ion affinity, some important explosives have positive ion affinity. Our range of explosive trace detectors is capable of detecting both negative and positive ions at the same time. Historically, trace detectors work in one mode at a time, and require changing components and additional samples to test for both types of ions. With explosive detectors provided by MATRIX Security, you can meet your mission-critical trace detection objectives with efficient throughput and ease of use across a range of substances.


Chemical and Biological Substance Detectors

Our range of Chemical and Biological substance detectors are built to quickly and accurately identify threats in the field. The product delivers breakthrough 2-in-1 chemical and biological identification capabilities in a go-anywhere, user- friendly handheld unit. The detector can identify chemical and biological substances in a wide range of environments using Raman spectroscopy. Rugged, yet ergonomic and lightweight, our Chemical and Biological Substance detectors are mobile reliably identifies liquids, powders, and solids without subjective interpretation.


Cargo Scanners

We provide a range of powerful and practical solutions for inspecting vehicles and cargo in high-volume operations. The system's high- energy X-ray provides detailed images, even through heavy shielding, and distinguishes light, organic material from dense, inorganic material. Its spectroscopic radiation detection locates and identifies nuclear material. Its OCR system identifies containers as they are scanned. And its database component integrates and delivers images and data on demand. The system can scan more than 150 vehicles per hour in the typical flow of checkpoint traffic. It can scan entire vehicles, bumper to bumper and roof to tires, including occupants. With its small footprint and low radiation dose, it can be used in very limited space. And by revealing weapons, special nuclear material (SNM) and other contraband, the system can greatly reduce the need for costly manual inspections.

Passenger Vehicle Scanning System

The passenger vehicle scanning system helps customs, military, and security personnel screen more vehicles for weapons, explosives, drugs, and other suspicious items at critical checkpoints. The compact system can be deployed within hours directly in existing inspection lanes, yet is powerful enough to help inspectors locate firearms, as well as ammunition, drugs, and similar items hidden in vehicles. With its innovative switched-energy X-ray technology providing color-coded scan Images, the inspectors can quickly locate organic materials such as drugs, explosives and stowaways.


The system's low-dose technology allows drivers and passengers to remain in their vehicles during the scan, enabling each system to scan hundreds of vehicles per hour. This makes the system-a smart scanning solution for busy checkpoints.


Radiation Monitors

Designed specifically for industrial applications, we provide radiation monitors that quickly screen for lost and improperly discarded radioactive sources embedded in or shielded by scrap. The system's state-of-the-art detectors, advanced signal analysis, and sophisticated software algorithms optimize detection probability. The system can generate audible alarms on an optional enunciator and can send alarm messages from up to 32 systems to a single supervisory computer over an existing local area network (LAN) connection. Multiple supervisory computers can be incorporated into a single network to fit large-scale monitoring requirements.


Additional alarm messages can even be sent to a cell phone or e-mail account. Combining outstanding performance with built-in, fully networked remote monitoring and control capabilities, the system is an ideal solution for screening scrap.


Portable Digital X-Ray Systems

Our range of Portable Digital X-Ray systems is designed to help law enforcement, military, customs and security personnel search for explosives, weapons, narcotics and other contraband. The system can reveal the contents of parcels, baggage, boxes and crates, vehicle tires and body panels, aircraft walls and wings, building walls, and many other targets.


The system can be a valuable aid in assessing and defusing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance (UXO) by helping personnel evaluate objects from a safe distance and identify the best method for disposal. The system can also be an effective tool for non-destructive inspection of hardware components, assemblies and structures.


Man Portal (Body Scanners)

Body scanner forms an ideal solution for deployment at any place where checkpoint security is needed. The system utilizes harmless non-ionizing signals to generate a clear view in seconds. The Body Scanner can search and see through clothes and detect any banned item concealed under clothing. This machine can screens for weapons or explosives and allows operators to clearly view objects made of any material-including wood, rubber, wire, plastic, etc. Metal weapons, contraband, and other threats are quickly and easily identified.

This unmatched detection technology eliminates the ambiguity of pat-down searches and provides a clear picture of what's hidden-and where. This can also prevent the theft of confidential information, cash, valuables, or intellectual property from secure locations. This solution is widely applicable on Borders, Government Buildings, Military, Royal Palace, in prisons and industrial applications.

The system has an upgradable technology platform that can easily be enhanced with detection software that can automatically analyze scanned data to highlight threats without generating or displaying images.


X-Ray Baggage Scanners

Threat levels enhancement on account of undesirable articles packed in baggage that may enter restricted areas and sanitized premises pose a major challenge for security agencies. MATRIX Security Ltd offers X-ray based 100% hold baggage screening systems, which are designed to prevent the cleverest attempts at concealing weapons, drugs, stolen goods and other contraband. These X-ray inspection systems are ideal for screening everything from small packages to oddly shaped items and palletized loads.


X-ray baggage screening solutions are available in various sizes for scanning all types of objects, baggage, mails and parcels.


Metal Detectors

MATRIX Security provides a range of metal detectors, both door frame (DFMD) and hand held (HHMD). A Smart head-to-toe walk- through unit, the DFMD, pinpoints small, hard to-find weapons immediately. At the same time a powerful palm-sized device, the HHMD, is capable of spotting threats as small as a needle. Both these detectors deliver outstanding performance.


iVe is MATRIX Security's Visitor and Vehicle Management System. Traditional Visitor management systems have suffered from many shortcomings. Most visitor management system still require the visitor to scribble their name on a paper book. This implies that the data on visitors and employees is not available for analysis and tracking in the future. Again, there is no linkage of visitor/employee with vehicle(s) entering the compound. Similarly for good and service delivery, no proper record of goods trucks entering and leaving the compound. In most organizations, the parking lot management is being done through tokens.


ViVe solves all the above shortcomings by taking an integrated view of visitors entering the system. Be it a visitor on foot, a visitor in a vehicle, a goods truck, a service delivery truck or any other "entrant" to the system, ViVe keeps a track of them. This leads to a high level of situation alertness of the people and vehicles inside the premises and significantly reduces the chance of a human error.